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Northern Line closure map: The exact stations that will be closed


The London Underground is used by around two million people every day, so line closures and delays can cause huge upheaval. For those who regularly travel on the Northern line, from today there will be several stations closed as essential works are carried out.

Starting from January 15 until mid-May, the Bank branch of the Northern line will be closed.

Andy Lord, Managing Director of London Underground, said: “The 17-week closure of the Bank branch of the Northern line is now two days away, and we’re urging customers to check their journeys before they travel by using Journey Planner or the TfL Go app.

“We’re asking customers to consider taking journeys at a different time or via a different route, using alternate Tube lines or rail, bus, walking or cycling options.

“We’re introducing an increased service on the Charing Cross branch and a new bus route into the City, which will help people to get around during the closure.”

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Why is part of the Northern line closing?

The closures are a result of TfL works to upgrade Bank station to improve capacity.

Currently, around 120 million passengers use Bank and Monument stations every year.

The TfL website states: “By 2022, the interlinked stations will feature several new escalators, a new station entrance and more room for Northern line passengers.

“This will increase capacity at the station by 40 percent.”

The closure from January to May is in order for workers to connect a newly built southbound tunnel to the existing Northern line.

This will include

  • Removing track and services on the existing southbound tunnel in order to fill in with concrete to complete the new concourse
  • Backfilling existing tunnel sections with foam concrete to provide stability
  • Constructing the final sections of the tunnel to connect the new tunnel to the existing infrastructure
  • Fitting out the new southbound platform
  • Installing the final sections of new track and train systems
  • Testing, commissioning and systems integration
  • Familiarising staff on all new station areas and assets

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