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North Jersey drug kingpin convicted in 3 murders

A North Jersey man who orchestrated a nationwide drug-dealing network was convicted Wednesday in connection with three murders.

Michael Healy, 43, ordered two of the killings and carried out a third himself. He was convicted following a four-week trial in Newark Federal Court.

“Three families were forced to bury their loved ones because one man decided his warped kingdom of illicit drugs and dirty money meant more than their lives,” FBI agent James Dennehy said. “Healy now faces a grim life in federal prison without any chance of parole.”

Healy began building his drug-dealing empire in 2012 through connections with the nationwide Bloods gang, the feds said. He was eventually organizing distribution of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and marijuana throughout the country, from California to Essex County, N.J.

In 2018, Healy became suspicious that a member of his network was informing on him to the feds, so he ordered the man’s death.

Hitmen staked out the informant’s house in Bloomfield, N.J. on Feb. 3, 2018 and killed a man, but they later realized they’d shot an innocent bystander instead. The victim was identified as Juan Santos-Martinez, a 55-year-old construction worker.

About a month later, on March 12, hitmen acting on Healy’s orders successfully identified the informant and shot him dead in Bloomfield. The victim of the second shooting was 43-year-old Aristedes Statiroudis.

Three men eventually admitted to being Healy’s hitmen. Thomas Zimmerman, Tyquan Daniels and Ali Hill were all sentenced to decades in prison.

In April 2018, Healy became suspicious that another man, 27-year-old Jose Colon, was informing on him. Healy fatally shot Colon on April 6, 2018 in Newark.

Another man, Leevander Wade, was also tied to the murders and pleaded guilty in February 2024. All five men were first indicted in June 2019.


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