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'No – it is not ok!' Carole Malone hits out at Dr Shola for 'bribing her children'


Carole Malone appeared on the Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5 to discuss childcare and Dr Shola’s “bribing” of her children for good behaviour. While Ms Malone conceded that “respected” Dr Shola may be busy and stressed, she could not believe a top lawyer like her could not control her own children. Ms Malone went on to say it sends a “powerful” but wrong message to children which says parents can not control their behaviour without resorting to treats.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, host Jeremy Vine asked if it was ok to bribe children.

Ms Malone roared: “No, it’s absolutely not you know so we have this lady she’s a lawyer, a very respected lawyer and commentator.

“She’s a spokesperson on women’s rights and yet she’s not able to teach her children any kind of responsibility.

“Respectfully, you know, I get why stressed parents would bribe their kids every now and again.

“And of course kids are going to be motivated by sweets and toys and whatever but you know what you’re sending out is a message here.

“You’re saying these unspoken powerful messages that you know you’re not capable of good behaviour without treats.

“Good behaviour is only important to adults and this activity must have no intrinsic value or you wouldn’t be bribing me to do it.

“And I just think you know you’re setting up a cycle here of crime and bad behaviour.”

Ms Malone furiously added: “Educational settings were and workplaces and care homes”

Ms Malone went on to take aim at panellist Dr Sarah Jarvis saying: “You know Sarah is never going to say it’s ok for us all to be out there.

“Because she is of the same mindset as the doom-mongers on SAGE and people like Chris Whitty.

“The evidence is there, the virus is 97 percent reduction in falling cases, our hospitals have got so few covid people in there now it’s not funny.”


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