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Nine ways to thwart the Georgia 'voting rights' boycott


James S. Robbins

Opponents of Georgia’s election reforms have gone all out in expressing their ire. President Biden groused about the law being “Jim Crow on steroids” or, confusingly, “Jim Eagle,” saying it was “sick” to restrict voting hours. But even the Washington Post felt it necessary to call out the president for that last falsehood, since the new law does nothing of the kind.

From the panic on the left you’d think the 1965 Voting Rights Act had been nullified. But the hyperbole over the Georgia reforms betrays a shocking lack of historical knowledge about what real voter suppression looked like. There are no literacy tests in the new law, no grandfather clauses, no requirements to recite random parts of the Constitution, no limits on voter registration, no segregated polling places, no state-sanctioned violence, nothing of the kind. Critics of the law should spend more time studying history instead of erasing it.


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