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Nigeria kidnapping: 'Hundreds' of boys stolen by gunmen dressed as soldiers in 3am raid


Armed men raided the Government Science College this morning in Kagara, Niger state. Ibrahim Matane, secretary to Niger state government, said “bandits” wearing military uniforms stormed the school.

The gunmen overwhelmed security guards in order to kidnap the children.

While the exact number has yet to be revealed, an estimated 1,000 children attend the school.

According to some reports, at least one student is believed to have been killed after gunmen opened fire.

Several teachers have also been abucted.

It is believed the children were herded by the attackers into a nearby forest.

An official told NDTV: “Bandits went into GSC Kagara last night and kidnapped hundreds of students and their teachers.

“One of the kidnapped staff and some students managed to escape.

“The staff confirmed a student was shot dead during the kidnap operation.”

The security source confirmed the details of the attack and said a headcount is under way.

This recent kidnapping spat comes just two months after Islamist terror faction Boko Haram took more than 300 boys from a boarding school in the Katsina state.

Luckily the children were freed after a week of being moved around a forest to hide from authorities.

The terrorist group said they kidnapped the boys in order to “discourage the un-Islamic practices of Western education”.

This raid marked a major turning point for the militants who were thought to only have a minor presence in the area.

It also helped to advance the jihadist groups in northwest Nigeria.

The growth of the jihadists have increased in the region after the group released a 2020 propaganda video pledging allegiance to Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau.

President Muhammadu Buhari had made the fight against the group a priority.

But the security situation in northern Nigeria has deteriorated since President Buhari’s election in 2015.

Six years ago, more than 270 girls were kidnapped from a school in Chibok, Borno state.

To date, only 164 have escaped, been freed or rescued.

The 112 others are still unaccounted for and their parents are still desperately looking for answers over the fate of the missing girls.

Boko Haram began to target schools in 2010, killing hundreds of students by 2014.

A spokesperson for the group said such attacks would continue as long as the Nigerian government continued to interfere with traditional Islamic education.

Most kidnappings by “bandits” are done for ransom.

Some leaders of the bandit groups have previously met governors and other state authorities to negotiate, according to the BBC.

More to follow…


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