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‘Nigel Farage is the best Great Britain has seen for a long time!’ say GB News viewers


A huge 86 percent of participants thought that Nigel Farage will become the best presenter on the channel, out of the 1,767 readers who answered the poll between 7am July 20 and 9.30am July 22. Only 10 percent said he would not, and four percent said they did not know. These figures contrast significantly with figures produced by Yougov in which 56 percent of people said they disliked Nigel Farage, 22 percent said they liked him, and 15 percent neither liked nor disliked him.

What is certain is that, liked or disliked, Mr Farage is a very well-known face in Britain with Yougov research reporting that 93 percent of people in the UK have heard of him. The most likely person to be a fan of Mr Farage is a man over the age of 57, who votes Conservative and voted to leave the EU – according to Yougov.

The surge of viewers, nearly 100,000 according to the Telegraph, brought in by Mr Farage were not all fans. Jonathon White, 27, admitted: “I hate Nigel Farage, but I tuned in because I was curious to see whether he would be able to use GB News as a springboard for a political comeback. I concluded that he won’t.”

One viewer tweeted: “GB News turned into the Nigel Farage show 24/7. Migrants, migrants, migrants. Quelle surprise. From a man who has been married to two non-UK nationals.”

But Express.co.uk readers appear to believe Mr Farage is more than cut-out for the job.

One reader, Pennsylvania, commented: “He will be the best Great Britain has seen for a long time…….a long time.”

Stevedonn999 said: “He does make a good presenter, but he would be a GREAT Prime Minister!”

Another reader, Prof David Younge, said: “The best man for the JOB, tells the truth and how it is… GREAT! bring it on Nigel!”

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In a turn of events less than two weeks after hitting the airwaves, Mr Neil announced he was stepping down from the show to have a break.

But Mr Farage seems to have taken up the empty seat with enthusiasm, as he said in his opening statement: “Mainstream broadcast media in this country all virtually agree on everything.

“They ignore stories that should be talked about, and frankly they’re propaganda machines for a centre-left agenda.

“They support diversity of everything, except for opinion.

“Here it’s going to be very very different.”


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