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Nicola Sturgeon shamed as SNP MP liked tweet branding her ‘narcissistic sociopath’


The move was made by Kenny MacAskill MP, who served as justice minister under former First Minister Alex Salmond. Mr MacAskill has been deeply critical of the SNP led Scottish government over its handling of sexual harassment complaints against Mr Salmond.

A source close to the SNP MP later claimed he liked the tweet as a “comment on the ‘commercialism’ of face coverings” and has since unliked it.

The incident began after a Herald Scotland reporter said Slanj Kilts, a tartan cloths maker, had received “the equivalent of 12 years’ worth of orders” in the week after Ms Sturgeon was pictured wearing one of their tartan facemasks.

In response Jim Slaven, from Edinburgh, tweeted: “Narcissistic sociopaths will do as narcissistic sociopaths do.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was then ‘liked’ for a short while by Mr MacAskill, as shown in the screenshots.

Over the past few months the SNP has been rocked by internal conflict over Ms Sturgeon’s handling of the allegations against her predecessor.

In March 2020 Mr Salmond was found not guilty of 12 sexual assault charges with another allegation found not proven.

On Wednesday Ms Sturgeon appeared before the Scottish parliament committee investigating her government’s handling of the Salmond allegations.

Critics have suggested she misled parliament about when she first found about the allegations.

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Party leader Douglas Ross has said there is “absolutely no way” the First Minister can remain in post if found to have breached the ministerial code.

On Friday billboards demanding Ms Sturgeon resign appeared in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

An aerial banner with the same message was flown over Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Majority and Scotland Matters, anti-SNP campaign groups, were responsible for the billboard.

Speaking to The Telegraph Alan Sutherland, a Scotland Matters representative, said: “We call on the First Minister to do the right thing for Scotland: resign and let us focus on recovery from the pandemic.

“She has done great damage to our country and Parliament’s reputation, here and abroad, by conducting an undignified, very public dispute with her former SNP colleague, while preventing the Salmond enquiry from seeing evidence that is crucial to a proper investigation.”

Scots go to the polls in May to elect the next Scottish parliament.

The SNP say they will call a second vote on Scotland leaving the UK if they win the elections.

However the British Government has vowed to block any second referendum as the matter was “settled” in 2014.

Mr Ross has urged unionists to boycott any poll conducted without UK Government support.

Express.co.uk has approached Mr MacAskill for comment.


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