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Nicola Sturgeon publicly shamed as huge billboard blasts First Minister's 'empty promises'


Scots go to the polls next month to elect their next government. The SNP is demanding another referendum on taking Scotland out of the UK.

However their domestic record has been fiercely criticised by unionist group Scotland Matters.

A billboard placed by the group shows a cartoon of Ms Sturgeon chopping up Inverclyde Royal Hospital with a giant pair of scissors.

It follows the closure of the hospital’s out of hours GP service, downgrading of its trauma set-up and a plan to move intensive care unit patients to Glasgow.

Using Scottish slang the First Minister is depicted as saying: “And You Thought A Widny Cut Services!!!”

A caption at the bottom states: “You can’t believe a word they say – tactically vote the SNP OUT!”

Speaking to a local newspaper ahead of the 2016 Scottish parliament elections Ms Sturgeon denied there were plans to cut services from Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

She said: “There is no substance to fears that have been expressed over the future of Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

“Understandably, there is sensitivity about services being centralised out of the hospital.

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“They have both stood by and said nothing as service after service has left the local hospital.”

Scotland Matters is urging Scots to vote for the unionist candidates best placed to beat the SNP next month.

They commented: “When the Inverclyde electorate vote on 6 May, they should remember Nicola Sturgeon’s empty promises on healthcare, education and other issues, and the one promise she may be forced to keep by Alex Salmond, the holding of an unwanted, divisive referendum.

“The best way to get rid of the nationalists from Holyrood is to avoid splitting the pro-UK vote and use both votes for the pro-UK candidates most likely to beat the nationalist candidate.”

Scotland voted to remain part of Britain in 2014 by 55 percent of the vote to 45 percent.

However the SNP have pledged to hold another referendum over the next parliamentary term if they secure election.

Boris Johnson has already ruled out a referendum over the next few years arguing it would distract from Scotland’s coronavirus recovery.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has urged unionists to boycott any ‘wildcat’ referendum called without the British Government’s consent.

Speaking to the Greenock Telegraph last year a spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde insist they remain committed to Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH).

A spokesman said: “Over the last five years alone we have invested approximately £13.3 million into the IRH campus including new medical equipment, money allocated to update fire control measures, CCTV, drainage works, heating controls and lighting.

“A further £3.1million will be invested in the IRH during 2021/22 on hospital infrastructure, ward and theatre upgrades.

“We further welcome any additional opportunities to engage with our local stakeholders at the council to provide them with any reassurance they need and to answer any questions they might have regarding services at IRH.”


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