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Nicola Sturgeon needed a little help with height to address the nation


Ms Sturgeon, the 50-year-old leader of the Scottish National Party, was launching its Scottish Parliament election campaign. But at the event in Partick, Glasgow, camera crews needed her elevated to get her properly in focus. A source said: “Nicola is quite short and to get her perfectly in shot, it was decided she needed to stand on something – and the green box was the only practical thing to hand.” The box was not the only indignity heaped on the First Minister yesterday as one former aide quit her party to join Alex Salmond’s new pro-independence party Alba for the May 6 election.

Former Edinburgh Southern SNP MSP Jim Eadie, who will stand in Mid-Scotland and Fife, said: “Like many people I think the SNP has got bogged down in managerialism.”

He denied Alba was simply formed as a vendetta by Mr Salmond against Ms Sturgeon.

Mr Eadie said: “I think he’s bigger than that. He is focused on the prize of having the greatest number of independence-supporting MSPs in the parliament and using that to drive the agenda forwards.”

Ms Sturgeon said a second independence referendum should be “Scotland’s choice”, saying, “we are posing this question for the future too – who should decide the kind of country we will be after the pandemic – should it be the people of Scotland or politicians like Boris Johnson?”

SNP supporters fear Alba will split the SNP vote but Mr Eadie claimed it could actually help boost the turnout for his former party.

The First Minister recently took a swipe at Mr Salmond, 66, after the launch of his new party, questioning his return to frontline politics after being cleared of sexual assault charges.

She said Mr Salmond’s ego was stopping him from doing the right thing and leaving the public stage.


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