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Nicola Sturgeon faces public humiliation as huge billboard exposes Scots care home horror


Scotland suffered at least 3,292 coronavirus related care home deaths according to the National Records of Scotland. The Scottish government was sharply criticised for sending elderly patients from hospitals to care homes at the start of the pandemic.

In many cases this happened without coronavirus tests being taken and has been widely blamed for seeding the infection in many care homes.

A billboard targeting Ms Sturgeon over this failure has been driving around Aberdeen over the weekend.

Organised by pro-union group Scotland Matters it shows a picture of Ms Sturgeon with text stating “Total deaths…3,000”.

It also features a quote from Professor Hugh Pennington, a world-leading health expert, addressed to Ms Sturgeon.

He commented: “You were warned that sending COVID-19 victims into care homes would result in high fatalities.”

Scots go to the polls on May 6 to elect their next parliament.

The SNP is seeking a mandate for a second referendum on taking Scotland out of the UK.

However the British Government this is a bad time for a referendum and the focus should be on coronavirus recovery.

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Unionist group Scotland Matters has been unveiling billboards across Scotland to highlight what it perceives as the SNP’s failures.

Scotland Matters spokesman Allan Sutherland said: “This election is not just about choosing a government to manage the recovery from the Covid pandemic.

“It’s also about recovering from 14 years of SNP incompetence, broken promises, scandal and division and the only way to do that is for huge numbers if Scots to vote tactically for pro-UK parties, stop the proposed SNP, Alba and Green Supermajority and get Indyref2 off the agenda forever.”

The Aberdeen ad van has also been displaying a number of other graphics critical of the SNP’s record and urging unionist tactical voting.


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One states: “Recovery Not Referendum – Tactical Vote.”

Another accuses the SNP of disadvantaging the north of Scotland via “the northern heists of old Aberdeen”.

Ms Sturgeon’s SNP, Scottish Greens and Alex Salmond’s new Alba party are all demanding a second independence referendum.

The Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour and Scottish Liberal Democrats are all opposed.

Scotland Matters is urging its supporters to vote for the pro-union candidate best placed to defeat the SNP in each region.

A recent poll by BMG Research for the Herald Scotland predicts the SNP will win 68 seats in the upcoming election, giving them a small majority.

However this majority is slight and could be removed with a small shift in the vote.

It found Scots are evenly split on whether to remain part of the UK with 50 percent in favour and against.

Senior SNP figures have suggested a second referendum could take place even without the British Government’s consent.

Should this happen Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross is urging unionists to boycott the poll.


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