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New survey reveals just how much love Brits have for classical music

A huge majority of music lovers in the UK believe orchestras continue to play a crucial role in the nation’s cultural heritage and will continue to supercharge the country’s creative economy for years to come.

The finding of a survey comes as a major three-year campaign is this week launched to celebrate the power of classical music and the UK’s vibrant orchestral scene, which are considered a vital part of modern day culture by 74% of people – with the genre seen as remaining at the heart of many of our most personal and national moments.

With British orchestras continuing to be amongst the UK’s most globally admired and influential ‘soft power’ organisations, The Association of British Orchestras survey found that a further 71% believe classical music amplifies the biggest moments in life such as weddings, funerals, sporting events and state occasions.

They hope the campaign will inspire a new generation to explore classical music and even inspire children to start studying it at school.

Creating a future generation of classical musicians is seen as crucial to maintaining Britain’s “world leading”  reputation but there has been a 40% decline in the number of A Level students in the past decade – something the Daily Express’ Strike A Chord Campaign if fighting to reverse.

The new campaign sees orchestras across the country and their army of loyal supporters join forces to raise awareness and celebrate the special connection classical music continues to evoke.

Through the hashtag #MusicThatMovesYou, people are invited to show their love of

classical music and support for UK orchestras by sharing a piece of classical music on social media that has moved them and what the music has meant to them in their life.

According to the survey of 2,000 UK adults, four in five suggest that music has reminded them of important moments in their life. However despite its prominent role 65% felt classical genre is under-appreciated.

The Association of British Orchestras’ Chair, Sophie Lewis, said: “It is truly heartening to see how much classical music matters to the British public. Our survey showed how people turn to classical music in so many different settings, not only for pure enjoyment, but for reflection, mindfulness and to feel a powerful sense of connection – whether that’s a highly personal sense of emotion, or to share life’s special moments with those around them. Everyone has their favourite music that transports them to a landmark moment in their life.

Tom Kiehl, Interim Chief Executive of UK Music, said: “We all have our own personal soundtrack to the big moments in our lives. We need to value orchestras, musicians and composers more. Without them it would not be possible to create memories through harnessing the sheer power of music.”

Steve Lamazq, Chair of LIVE, said “Classical musicians’ ability to bring audiences together across the spectrum – from traditional classical concerts to innovative collaborations with rock and pop artists – should never be undervalued”.


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