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New parking rules promise to 'cut charges' for 'millions' of road users


Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has promised the changes will introduce a “fairer” and “clearer” way to park a vehicle. The new updates will make “life easier for motorists” by cutting out excessive parking fines and creating a “fairer system” for road users.

The comments come as the Government issues its response to the recent Code Enforcement Framework consultation.

Under the new measures, the Government has confirmed it will introduce a range of new measures to tackle rogue parking firms which operate to catch out motorists.

The Government has added they will support the creation of a single independent appeals service for motorists to turn to if they receive a private parking fine.

They have confirmed a new system will also be introduced ensuring motorists will be given a 50 percent discount for early payment of a parking fine.

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“The Government is putting a stop to this with new caps on parking fines which will cut charges for millions of motorists.

“We are also making it easier for people to appeal charges for minor errors, such as entering a vehicle registration number incorrectly.

“So whether you’re running late or have made a genuine mistake, you can trust that there will be a fairer and clearer way to challenge unfairness when you see it.

“We all want to be out supporting our high streets and I want Express readers to know that we are making life easier for motorists, by putting an end to the days of excessive parking fines and creating a fairer system for drivers.”

The consultation proposed a three-tiered system for parking charges introducing a range of fines based on the severity of the offence.

An upper-level offence would see road users charged between £70 and £120 and was saved for the most serious parking problems.

These included parking in an accessible bay without the right documentation, parking in an ambulance bay or fire escape, and obstructive or dangerous parking.

Middle-level breaches would see drivers charged between £60 and £100 and includes parking in a reserved parent and toddler bay or stopping in a staff parking area.

Parking on the pavement where it is not permitted could also see road users issued charges alongside parking across multiple spaces.

The lower breach would see drivers fined between £50 and £80 and is reserved for road users who have an expired permit or those who did not return to their vehicles within the set time limit.

Parking with an engine running where this is prohibited or stopping without a valid permit could also see drivers issued a lower charge.


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