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New Moon horoscope: How the March New Moon will affect your star sign


Every New Moon is in a different sign and brings slightly different emotions and thoughts to the surface. Sunday, March 13 at 10.21am the Pisces New Moon will rise and themes of new beginnings and letting go will be evident.  The March 2021 New Moon is all about cutting things off and starting fresh. This New Moon will end things that no longer have a place in your life and help you to create space for the new beginnings that are coming. Astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) has revealed the horoscope for each and every sign.  Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie. Francesca noted that horoscopes should always be read with your rising sign rather than your sun sign. Find out more about your Rising sign  here and learn why you should use it to read your horoscope here


Your ruler Mars is now in Gemini in your communication zone and you could be firing off words and ideas at the speed of light.

However, with this New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in the area of your chart that represents your subconscious and dreams, it’s really important that you take some time to slow down.

Allow inspiration and ideas to land. This could be the sort of meditation that suits you, dear Aries.

Running, wild swimming, playing chess, playing a competitive sport, or anything that gets you out of your planning and forward-focused energy will suit you at this time.

You need to move into space where you are able to come up with your most brilliant ideas.

True inspiration arrives uninvited – it cannot be forced, but you can create space for it.

If you want to maximise the energy of this fresh start, Francesca suggests that you make time for a meditative practice.

But remember, not all meditations require your eyes to be closed!


Taurus, your ruler Venus is exalted in her favourite sign of Pisces and this could be a dreamy time for a new romance, new friendships, new connections, and connecting with the women in your life whom you know have got your back.

Mars in Gemini is in the finance sector of your chart, meaning there could be a boost to your finances or this is at least an opportunity for you to address your finances and look where there are opportunities to change things.

Your career is expanding, so can you allow time for a casual chat with friends or something spacious where you are enjoying yourself and perhaps see what ideas and brilliant connections emerge from there.

I’m sure you’ve had to get used to this recently, but you should expect the unexpected.

Things could progress rather rapidly once you receive inspiration from the people around you.

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New Moon horoscope:

New Moon horoscope: The New Moon is on March 13 (Image: Getty)

New Moon horoscope:

New Moon horoscope: The New Moon isn’t visible in the sky but its presence is strong (Image: Getty)


Gemini, Mars is in your sign at the moment and it’s all action go!

This beautiful New Moon in Pisces is restoring and resetting your career zone. Perhaps it’s time for you to generate some inspired action as to your business goals.

Do you set intentions or use affirmations? Plant some seeds as to where you want to be in a couple of years time.

This New Moon has the potential for you to create the career of your dreams. Your career has the potential to be as healing and magical as it is profitable and secure.

What you learn, how you think and the plans you make that are strategically informed and advised by experts – genuine trusted experts in your area – is a good idea. Their advice will prove invaluable.

Most importantly, you need to take time to really relax and write a list of goals that feel true to you, even if other people might laugh at them or you’d feel too silly showing them to anyone else.

The potential of your goals right now, your legacy and the person you want to be remembered as can be shaped right now.


Cancer, The New Moon in Pisces is in your area of travel, higher education and learning.

Perhaps you’re thinking of booking a holiday abroad or seeing family again who you haven’t been able to connect with.

Use this time to plan and think about how you want to spend your future trips and any opportunities to explore this country or at least beyond your five-mile radius!

Mars is in your twelfth house, the sector of your subconscious, so you could be feeling a little anxious right now.

This makes it all the more important that you make time to dream, wish and create.

New Moon horoscope:

New Moon horoscope: This New Moon is in Pisces (Image: Getty)


This New Moon in Pisces is in your eighth house of sex, death and other people’s money.

It’s time to look at your finances and your most intimate relationships.

What needs addressing? Are there any energy leaks? Are you communicating effectively?

Is there any passive-aggressive energy in your relationships or are you fully open and enjoying the depth and the intimacy that comes with being vulnerable?

The same goes with finances- are you tracking your money, are you skimming over the details and hoping for the best, are you visualising your dream future?

This is your time to create the future and think about what you want. Dream your life of abundance into existence!

Now is not the time to hope for the best, cross your fingers and leave it to luck.


Virgo, this New Moon is in your relationship sector. It looks beautiful!

Your ruler Mercury is in the sixth house – you’re rational but your heart is open, and with Venus in your relationship sector PLUS the New Moon, this is an amazing time for a new romance!

If you’re already in a relationship, then this could be the time to dream up a date night, a holiday, or plan your wedding if you’ve had it called off!

This is a beautiful, incredibly romantic time for you and I hope that you light the candles, even if you’re having a date night over a friend with zoom.

Create some magical connection with someone that you love and set the intention that you want more of this in your life going forward.

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New Moon horoscope:

New Moon horoscope: Read your horoscope using your Rising sign (Image: Getty)


The New Moon in Pisces falls into the sector of your chart to do with health, daily routines and work.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to reset with some ‘back to school’ vibes.

The New Moon in Pisces is your chance to tune into your deepest desires – not by trying to think them through, but by feeling what is right for you.

Your ruler Venus is strong in her favourite sign of Pisces, so you could be feeling extra artistic, and this New Moon you could boost your creative juices.

Take time to rest at the New Moon, but after you have set your intentions about how you want to spend your time, the type of work you want to be doing, how you want to feel, and the visions you’ve got going forwards, then you may really see your life blossom from this point onwards.

Mars is in your ninth house of travel, philosophy and ideas so this could be a good time for learning something new that will further enhance your career.


This New Moon in Pisces is in your fifth house, the house of your joy and creative projects, child and romantic affairs.

Pisces is the ultimate romantic sign and at this time you may see yourself setting up some dates.

Mars is in your eighth house of sex, death and other people’s money so this is a great time for intimacy, taking it slow, and doing what you do best – reading between the lines.

If you are intuitive and trust what you love, and instead of trying to control everything, you allow life to unfold and take the hints from the universe that direct you, you can use this New Moon to manifest your dreams.

You’ll be full of ideas and able to brainstorm what you want your life to be like when we return to normal. What is right for you, what do you find fun?

New Moon horoscope:

New Moon horoscope: Every sign will be affected slightly differently (Image: Getty)


Your ruler Jupiter is in the third house, so this is a fantastic opportunity for you to broaden the way you look at things and completely change your perspective.

With the New Moon in your fourth house of home, family and your roots, you could really enjoy spending time alone.

Maybe you’re taking a relaxing bath, doing some gardening, or just having a long lie-in, but you’ll be thinking about how you want things to be.

What does your ideal home look like? How do you want it to look, how will you redecorate?

You’ll be reimagining what your home looks like and where it is. Perhaps you’re ready to move.

This New Moon is an opportunity for you to rest, relax, and then come back stronger.


Capricorn – with your ruler Saturn in the second house, this is a great time to be thinking about your value and how you value yourself.

This New Moon is in your creative thinking sector, so as much as you may like routine, structure and planning, you should create some time for thinking about how you talk and communicate with other people.

How does it make you feel and how does it make them feel?


This New Moon is in your second house, so it’s a fantastic time to reconsider your self-esteem.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn are in your first house so this is an amazing fresh start for you, and so is 2021 in general.

It’s time to kickstart your life and take your life up a gear if you want to.

This could also involve a change of where you live, your job, or your relationships. Everything is on the table and you should be prepared for lots of change.

This New Moon is in your second house of how you earn your money, so perhaps you want to set intentions about your finances.

How do you value yourself? Are you charging enough for your services? What do you value in a relationship, what do you want other people in your life to value? What really matters to you?

Take some time to think about this and because everything is changing this could be a good time for an upgrade.


This is your New Moon, Pisces! It’s time for a fresh start, especially if your birthday is around this time.

Do what you do best, think imaginatively, listen to music, spend time by water if you can.

Your ideas and creativity are through the roof and could lead to all sorts of inspirations as to how you want to live your life differently from hereon in.

Listen to your dreams. Don’t rush. If you feel tired, just vibe with it.

Everyone feels tired and slower right now. Life is a bit confusing for everyone.

Use the New Moon to come up with ideas – but remember they will come when we aren’t forcing them.


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