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New EU speed limiters set to launch in months may come with a 'different set of dangers'


Road Angel, specialists with car speed limiter tools, has warned the ETSC previously wanted to “automatically turn off a car’s engine” every time driver’s broke the speed rules. However, Road Angel warns this could have created a set of “dangers” on the road with vehicles randomly slowing.

The new system has ditched this policy in favour of an audio and visual warning alerting drivers when speed limits have been exceeded.

The new tools will be introduced this summer after the European Commission (EC) passed legislation for every car sold in Europe to have one.

Despite already leaving the EU, Autocar has previously warned the UK is expected to take on the new technology.

Road Angel said: “In tabling the proposals, the EC faced some resistance from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), which called for technology which would automatically turn off a car’s engine in the event of the speed limit being breached.

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They also added “no research is available” for this type of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology.

ETSC Executive Director, Antonio Avenoso has pushed manufacturers to “go beyond the minimum specifications” of the tool.

He said: “We are disappointed that carmakers are being given the option to install an unproven system that may have little safety benefit.

“We sincerely hope that carmakers will go beyond the minimum specifications and take full advantage of the life-saving potential of speed assistance technology.

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