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New EU driving laws expected to launch in UK attacked as 'dangerous' – 'Boris get a grip'


Express.co.uk readers have called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “get a grip” of the issue ahead of the expected introduction of new EU speed limiters in 2022.  The limiters are still expected to launch as a new UK driving law despite us leaving the EU last year.

Countryman003 said: “How pathetic.[Firstly] were out of EU so why we following their rules still.

“Secondly if a driver overtakes and you suddenly cut its speed part way through the manouver how dangerous is that. (sic)

“You could be caught between lorries and no speed to get away in front to safety.

“Same on a normal road if your overtaking a car and you suddenly cut the speed then that could be a head on crash.” (sic)

Website user Edsaid also warned the new technology could lead to safety concerns.

He said the new technology could lead to a “change in psychology” while overtaking could become “more dangerous”.

He said: “With our roads among the safest in the world, we do not need this.

“It is not needed for the elderly, who rarely [break] the speed limit, and those who frequently do so, will soon find ways to disable it – or switch it off, if possible.

“We will then have a totally different, and I think, dangerous, change in psychology behind the wheel.

“It may be of little consequence in a 30mph zone, but in a 40mph or 50mph zone, overtaking will become more frequent and hence more dangerous as drivers wrestle with a computer to keep control.”

The reader comments came after Donna Jones, the new Police and Crime Commisioner for Hampshire also issued warnings over the new proposals. 

She said the new tools could lead to “more accidents” as drivers would become “zombies” behind the wheel. 

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