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New E10 fuel changes could cause 'long term damage' to classic petrol cars


Experts at LeaseCar have warned drivers “won’t have to get the car drained out” if they accidentally use the new petrol. However, drivers of classic cars have been warned to “take care and pay attention” due to the risks involved.

Tim Alcock, spokesperson for LeaseCar said drivers should not worry if they “accidentally” put E10 in their incompatible vehicle.

But he has urged drivers to top-up with the correct compound as soon as they can to minimise the effects.

He said: “Drivers should also take care when filling up their cars to avoid putting in the wrong petrol.

“If you do accidentally put E10 in your car which is only compatible with E5, don’t worry too much.

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A new survey by the RAC found a quarter of road users were completely unaware the new fuel was being launched.

A further 27 percent said they are yet to check whether their car is compatible with the new petrol.

Similarly, 49 percent admitted to classic car specialists at Hagerty that they did not even know how to check if their car was safe to use the new fuel.

Despite this, 78 percent of the 699 drivers surveyed said they had concerns over the risk involved with E10.

According to Hagerty, tests from the Department for Transport revealed a range of possible risks from using the new compound.

They warned continuous use of the fuel among incompatible vehicles can lead to degradation to fuel hoses and seals, blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps.

Corroded carburettors and blocked injectors were also identified as possible issues.

However, the RAC has warned accidental or occasional use “shouldn’t be a disaster”.

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