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New car parking loophole could help drivers avoid hefty tickets within months

However, no such rules existed for private car parks which up until now could be run by their own enforcement means.

Will Hurley, chief executive officer of the IPC stressed experts had taken into account the views of drivers.

He explained: “The single code will benefit all compliant motorists and will present clear consequences for those who decide to break the rules. The sector has listened to the motoring community and today we are acting.”

The UK Government introduced a 10-minute grace period on public car parks back in 2015 with further changes adopted in 2019. 

The rule was considered part of the government’s aim to clamp down on rogue car park operators. 

Citizens Advice has made it clear motorists should not be charged if they are only a couple of minutes late. 

They warn that any charges issued within this time-period could be successfully appealed.

They explained: “It’s worth appealing if you were only 5 or 10 minutes late.

“You should be given a few minutes after your parking runs out – called a ‘grace period’. 

“ATA members must give you an extra 10 minutes before giving you a Parking Charge Notice – as should the council before giving you a Penalty Charge Notice. You should also be given a reasonable amount of time to leave a car park if you decide not to park.”

Motoring experts at the AA admitted they had campaigned for a long time that it was “unfair” to charge motorists for a short overstay. 

They added: “Some councils were sympathetic when drivers challenged parking tickets and gave reasons for an overstay. But others strictly enforced their parking fines.

“That meant it was a postcode lottery as to whether or not you’d get a fine for being a few minutes late. Since the government brought in an official grace period, drivers have had a small degree of leeway and a legal option to challenge a ticket.”


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