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New Brian Laundrie speculation as parents seen retracing steps and sleuths point out seven unanswered questions


WEB sleuths say that several unanswered questions relating to the Brian Laundrie investigation still remain after his parents were spotted “retracing his steps”.

Pictures showed Chris and Roberta Laundrie walking in the Florida wilderness on Tuesday – weeks after coroners confirmed he died from a single gunshot wound to the head.


Laundrie’s parents were spotted in the Florida wilderness on Tuesday – weeks after the 23-year-old’s cause of death was revealed[/caption]


They were also snapped shopping at a local Walmart store[/caption]

Laundrie’s parents each carried a backpack as they trawled through the campgrounds that investigators and volunteers endlessly combed during search efforts that lasted weeks.

Following a three-hour morning journey deep into the backcountry, Chris and Robert reemerged, holding hands as they walked back to their car.

It’s the first time that they were at the site since Laundrie’s skeletal remains were unearthed on October 20.

After the remains were found, the bones were sent to an anthropologist for further examination as initial autopsy findings came back conclusive.

Laundrie died from suicide, but the date of death still remains unknown.

He was first reported missing on September 17 – days after allegedly telling his parents that he was going for a hike in the snake-infested Carlton Reserve.

Web sleuths are left wondering where the gun that Laundrie killed himself may be located.

A dry bag and notebook believed to belong to the fugitive were discovered when the remains were found.

The Laundrie family lawyer Steve Bertolino said he “doesn’t know” if the weapon the 23-year-old used was recovered by police.

He revealed that Chris and Roberta voluntarily surrendered all guns in their home to law enforcement on September 17 – the day Laundrie went missing – as cops completed their missing person paperwork.

It was discovered that a handgun wasn’t in the case.

Bertolino said he “does not know” if the weapon Brian used was recovered by police “near Brian’s remains or among his possessions.

The FBI has been contacted for comment on Bertolino’s remarks.

He told The Sun: “Imagine, with the frenzied atmosphere at the time, if the public thought Brian had a gun!  I can’t speak to why LE did not reveal the info but we spoke about it at the time and I believe they felt as I did.”


John Walsh, the former host of America’s Most Wanted, claimed in October that they may have armed their son with a gun and “helped” him avoid police.

He said: “They’re actively aiding and abetting his escape and they’re helping him stay out there.” There’s no evidence to support Walsh’s claims.

Initially, it was reported that Laundrie left the family home on September 14, but this was revised to September 13.

The revision resulted in a barrage of speculation among Reddit users.

And, the FBI investigated reports of a burner phone that was bought on the day Laundrie went missing.

Agents examined security footage that was taken at a store near his parents’ home in North Port, Florida.

A source told TMZ that Brian purchased a phone at the AT&T store on September 14 with an “older woman.”

The store told The Sun: “We’re not confirming or denying anything and we’re not making any statements, thank you, and have a great day.”

Online sleuths speculated what may be inside Laundrie’s notebook after it was first discovered.

Some amateur detectives thought it may contain chilling drawings, while others predicted a confession note may be inside.


A friend of Brian’s told The Sun exclusively that the notebook could contain clues to solve Gabby’s death,

One Facebook “detective” said: “I think it’s probably his art. They were both into drawing.”

An internet sleuth feared: “My theory is drawing of the events that led up to it and during her strangulation. It’s going to be dark (sic).”

It’s not known what’s inside the notebook or if it contains anything at all.

Criminologist Casey Jordan said a notebook “pointed to the possibility” of a suicide note, 7News reports. 

Jordan told CNN: “That really raises the question if indeed this is Brian Laundrie and if he died by his own hand, did he take the time out to write out a note of explanation, maybe even regret?

“Something that would give answers to not only police. If that notebook is there, there is a good chance there could be a note.”

Jordan speculated that the notebook could provide law enforcement with “answers”.


It’s not known if the answers will be made public as one Facebook sleuth user said: “We’re not owed a glance into it. As much as we all want the details, we’re not privy to any of them.”

The search for Laundrie is over following a lengthy search in the wilderness.

Forensics expert Jennifer Shen believes there’s enough evidence to close the case.

She told The Sun: “While we will have to wait for the completion of the investigation, which will likely include attempts to examine and decipher the notebook, the circumstances seem pretty clear, and not that unusual.  

“There is no indication at this time there are other individuals involved.” 

Former NYPD homicide detective Tom Joyce also thinks Gabby Petito’s murder case will be closed, due to the exceptional circumstances.

He said: “Gabby’s murder will be closed with what’s known as an exceptional clearance, or where the suspect and culprit is known but cannot be arrested – in this case, because he’s dead.”

It’s possible that the case could end with an “unfulfilled expectation”, according to reports, as Gabby’s parents may never get the answers about what occurred before and after their daughter’s death.

Laundrie was never charged in relation to Gabby’s disappearance and death. He was named a person of interest in her murder.


Steve Bertolino, the Laundrie family lawyer, said Chris and Roberta realized that a gun was missing when they reported their son missing in September[/caption]


Laundrie was found dead in the Florida wilderness in October – weeks after search teams started looking for the 23-year-old[/caption]

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