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New advanced parking technology to be installed in road cars to meet 'driver demands'


The new parking tool will help drivers navigate indoor areas such as multi-storey car parks where current GPS information is currently recruiting. The new tool can be used for locating vital services such as electric car charging stations and can even help drivers find their cars if they have lost them.

Parkopedia says the new tool will also be available in self-driving cars to offer a full Automated Valet Parking service.

The firm says finding electric car charging stations is a “significant pain point” for the automotive industry and a major barrier for widespread adoption.

They warn many chargers are often hidden away in remote areas and are often placed with unclear signs and mo navigation options.

The new tool promises to give drives the most accurate view of parking spaces meaning no electric car user will ever miss an indoor charger again.

Online services such as ZapMap already offer a similar service through the web so electric car owners can find charging points quickly. 

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“We have closely monitored the direction the industry is heading and the associated benefits with connectivity and autonomous driving, so starting to deliver an indoor mapping solution with OEMs is essential in meeting driver demands.

“Parkopedia, as a market leader within parking services and the associated infrastructure, has an unparalleled depth of knowledge which puts us in a unique position to deliver an optimal solution for both industries and drivers alike.

“I look forward to seeing our product in production vehicles, helping drivers to effortlessly navigate, park and charge, and to the day when navigation systems going blank inside parking facilities becomes a distant memory for us all.”

Parkopedia’s new technology will also allow drivers to find their closest parking spaces to their destination.

It has plans to extend the coverage into new regions within the coming months to offer a wider service to consumers.

The firm has partnerships in place with some of the leading car manufacturers in the UK with Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover signed up.

The technology is also expected to be introduced into Audi, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot and Toyota models who are also partners with Parkopedia.


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