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Never use bleach to whiten bedding again as there is a much more ‘effective’ kitchen item

White bedding can begin looking discoloured and dull only after one wash, but you easily turn sheets back to their pristine condition using items around the house. 

Bedsheets can quickly begin to yellow and grey in the warmer months due to a build-up of sweat, oil and other natural bodily fluids, and the only way to get them white again is to know the proper way to wash them.  

Many people may turn to bleach to whiten their laundry, but it is actually one of the worst things to clean bedding with according to James Higgins, an expert at Ethical Bedding. 

James explained: “While it may be the first thing you think of when you see a stubborn stain, it’s actually best to avoid using bleach to whiten your sheets.

“This is because bleach can react to the bodily liquids and oils present in the bedding and cause further damage or enhance the yellowing. 

“What’s worse is that the bleach stain will now be even tougher to remove, if not impossible.” 

Instead, the best way to whiten bedding is to use a natural acidic solution such as lemon juice, which will easily break down stains and brighten the fabric once again. 

James said: “Lemon juice is an effective agent against yellow stains, because of the presence of citric acid. 

“Citric acid is a natural bleach that helps to breathe new life into your bedding without having to use harmful chemicals. Plus, you’ll give your sheets a soft, lemony smell.”

To wash sheets using lemon juice, all you have to do is pour the juice of one lemon into your detergent drawer where you would normally place the fabric softener. 

Add the lemon juice along with your regular laundry detergent and put on a normal wash.

Then, leave the bedding to dry outside in the sun instead of using a tumble dryer as the sun can also naturally whiten laundry, and your bedding will be white and clean once again.

However, the “simplest” way to prevent yellow stains or greying on your bedding is to wash it at least once a week according to James. 

He said: “It might sound like a simple hack, but regularly washing your bed sheets will reduce the chance of yellow staining. And by regularly, we mean once a week (unless the washing instructions suggest otherwise).

“After all, the discolouring is likely a result of the long-term impact of sweat, lotions, and oils, so running your sheets through a weekly wash will hit the source before it becomes a problem and prevent a build-up.”


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