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Neighbour 'from HELL' filmed pouring out potty and throwing dog poo into next door garden


In several videos posted on TikTok, the neighbour is seen picking up dog poo from her own garden and throwing it over the hedge into the garden of a mum. The woman who posted the videos has said the neighbour’s antics are “a daily occurrence”.

The post showing the neighbour throwing dog poo was viewed more than 122,000 times, with many people urging her to confront the culprit.

One person commented: “Put it right in front of her door so she steps on it when she comes out of the house.”

While another person wrote: “Let us know what you have done about it, the suspense is killing me I am dying to know what you’ve done.”

Many others asked the mother if it was her pet who had done their business in her neighbour’s garden.

But she said: “Nope, my dogs never stepped foot in her front garden.”

Disgustingly, the mum went on to reveal how it is not only dog poo the woman throws but also emptied a potty of wee.

She said: “A daily occurrence!

“My neighbour throwing her children’s wee out the potty onto my garden.”

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Others expressed disbelief in what they were seeing.

Someone commented: “Like Victorian England with the chamber pot.”

Another said: “Put that down the toilet… what is wrong with people?”

While a third said: “Why though, just why?”

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