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NCIS LA's Renee Felice Smith shares support from co-star over new project away from series


Nell Jones (played by Renee Felice Smith) returned to screens earlier this year as part of the cast for the 12th season of NCIS: LA. Smith’s character has long been a fan-favourite among CBS viewers for a number of years now, although some have begun to question whether Nell has a long-term future on the show following the events of recent years which saw a brief hiatus in season 11 and more action-packed storylines this series. For now, Smith looks like she’ll remain a part of the furniture on NCIS: Los Angeles for the foreseeable future – but it hasn’t stopped her getting to grips with new projects away from the drama in the form of her new book.

The NCIS: LA star has penned a brand new children’s book alongside her other half Chris Gabriel titled Hugo and the Impossible Thing.

The book, which is aimed at children and illustrated by Sydney Hanson, is inspired by the pair’s own pet dog who managed to overcome a life-threatening illness.

Smith and Gabriel’s book was released on March 31, 2021, and by the beginning of April, it had already topped the charts on Amazon in the Children’s Values Books list.

And while a number of Smith’s followers have shown their support, NCIS star Emily Wickersham – best known for playing Ellis Bishop in the flagship drama – penned her own tribute to the actor’s achievement.

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For fans wanting to get their hands on the book, Hugo and the Impossible Thing is available to buy on Amazon now.

On NCIS: LA, however, Smith’s character Nell is at somewhat of a crossroads.

In the latest episode, Nell found herself questioning her own abilities after stepping into Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) shoes to run the team.

However, Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) planted doubt in her mind as he blasted Nell for how the team has been run in recent years.


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