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NCIS Hawaii trailer: Jane Tennant star promises 'new layer' to lead role


NCIS Hawaii has been a long time coming for fans, with speculation running wild on what could happen in it. Finally, CBS has given fans a glimpse of the new show, with Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey) leading the team. The trailer shows Lachey discussing the changes the show is bringing, but how will Hawaii be different for NCIS?

CBS has just released a trailer for the upcoming NCIS spin-off NCIS: Hawaii.

The trailer only gives fans a glimpse of the show, showcasing the beautiful filming locations and the star of the show Vanessa Lachey, who plays Jane Tennant.

There is still no release date for the show, though it is expected to drop later this year, possibly in the summer of 2021.

In the trailer, CBS highlights the growing world of NCIS, starting the trailer with brief clips from their other shows including NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.

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Most of the trailer is an interview with Vanessa Lachey, with both the actress and CBS stressing the importance of Hawaii featuring NCIS’s first female lead.

At the start of the trailer, Lachey says: “I am the first female lead of the NCIS franchise and I don’t take that lightly.”

She continues: “I’m excited to bring a different layer to this role and hopefully inspire this next generation of young girls and women.”

It isn’t clear how this new series will connect to the wider NCIS franchise, with Lachey’s Jane Tennant being a completely new character for the series.

As for the location of the new series, Lachey explained: “Hawaii is the perfect setting for NCIS in the next chapter of the franchise.

“I myself have travelled there for a little bit, I was born on an airforce base in the Philippines and travelled back and forth to Hawaii.”

She adds: “I’m interested to show the depth to the people of Hawaii, there’s so much beauty there, there’s so much culture there and hopefully I can portray to everyone and show the beautiful side of Hawaii.

The star is also known for her roles in Call Me Kat, BH90210, Truth Be Told and Dads.

The trailer, which dropped on YouTube, has fans just as excited as Lachey for the premiere of the upcoming show.

Many took to the comments, with one fan saying: “Ok I need paramount plus right now.”

Another said: “About time!!! I hope they have a cast and extras more representative of the diversity in Hawaii- can’t wait!”

A third said: “I hope they get native Hawaiians on their team. Being in Hawai’i her team should be mostly POC. Not to add diversity, but because Hawai’i is just like that already.”

NCIS Hawaii will be available to watch on CBS and Paramount Plus.


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