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NCIS 2021: McGee star sends fans into frenzy with peek at season finale script


The 18th instalment of NCIS has gone from twist to twist with each new episode, and the upcoming finale will surely be no different. Over on Instagram, Sean Murray has bolstered hype for the ongoing season with a preview for the highly anticipated final episode of the show’s 2021-22 run on CBS.

TV star Sean Murray took to his personal Instagram page on Saturday to give his followers a glimpse at the last episode of NCIS season 18.

His latest post revealed the front cover of the script for the as yet unnamed 16th episode of the current season.

The NCIS mainstay, better known as Special Agent Timothy McGee, revealed very little about the upcoming finale.

Both the title, writer(s) and director for the episode were unfortunately covered by a nail clipper and Sharpie highlighter, respectively.

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Following constant rumours of Harmon’s exit from the series, it’s now speculated that Gibbs could take a backseat to the action for the rest of the season.

While he has yet to officially announce his departure, reports of ongoing contract negotiations suggest Mark Harmon may return in a limited capacity in NCIS’s confirmed 19th season.

Meanwhile, fans speculated Murray’s latest post may indicate he’ll be stepping in as director for the upcoming finale.

Additionally, others lamented the fact that NCIS seasons 17 and 18 have had to cut their episode count short amid the series’ extensive coronavirus delays last year.


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