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Natural cleaning hacks: How to use lemon and salt to clean


Natural cleaning hacks are all the rage at the moment – and it’s not just because they’re environmentally friendly, they also work just as well as conventional chemical methods. Lemon and salt is one of the easiest ways to clean naturally around the home – and the combination works well on even tough to clean surfaces, like wooden chopping boards, toilet bowls and the dreaded kitchen bin.

Wooden cutting boards

We all know the plight of having wooden chopping boards – they enter your home unmarked and unstained, and within a few uses, they are stained, faded, and scratched.

But there’s a surprisingly easy way to restore life back into your chopping board.

Cover the board with coarse salt and use half a lemon to scrub the board thoroughly.

Food stains should begin to fade within a few minutes of use.

Once faded, rinse will clean water and leave it to dry before next use.

If there is any leftover salt sediment at the bottom of the bin, scrub it with a scourer to get rid of any tough bin residue.

Then rinse with water and leave to dry.

This will leave the bin smelling natural, as well as getting rid of any set in bin juice.


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