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Nan, 79, bites into 'rusty batteries' inside Birds Eye fish nuggets sandwich


Celia Walsh, 79, claims she bit into the metallic objects after preparing a snack with the Birds Eye product. Concerned she’d swallowed one of the items, which she thought were batteries, Celia was taken to hospital and given an X-ray, Liverpool Echo reports.

Fortunately, this didn’t show up anything untoward, but the pensioner was told to let the hospital know immediately if she later felt ill.

Celia’s daughter Dee said: “My mum’s main concern was these were bought so she could feed the grandkids. What would have happened if [they ate] one of these batteries?

“She felt something grinding against her tooth. At first she thought a filling had fallen out.

“Then when she took it out she saw something flash and realised they looked like two metal batteries. 

“They were small, like those found in hearing aids or watches, and very rusted and corroded.”

Celia, who lives near Birkenhead, Merseyside, had bought the nuggets from Farmfoods for her grandchildren for when they paid a visit to her home but this visit didn’t materialise due to coronavirus restrictions.

She’s now taken the contaminated product back to where it was bought – Farmfoods supermarket in Prenton, Wirral – who offered to get in contact with Birds Eye about it.

Dee, a mum, added: “At first Birds Eye wanted to know whether my mum wore a hearing aid or a watch and whether the battery might have fallen in that way, but I told them that the food had come out of the freezer and straight into the oven.

“It was a big shock to my mum and myself.”

Birds Eye investigated the product and said it “did not understand” how the batteries came to be in the food, but sent Celia two £5 vouchers to “make up for the experience.”

But Dee said: “I don’t really think that’s good enough, considering what could have happened.

“At the very least, they should have done a product recall.”

Farmfoods did not wish to make a comment to Liverpool Echo. Birds Eye did not respond to the publication.

However, this is the full text of a letter sent by Birds Eye to Celia Walsh following their investigation.

Signed by a ‘consumer service agent’, the letter reads: “Further to speaking with your daughter on March 24, 2021, we just want to say how truly sorry we are to hear that you’ve found these metal batteries in your Birds Eye Fish Nuggets.

“Our quality is extremely important to us, and our teams thoroughly check all of our food before it leaves our factories. We’re therefore really keen to understand what happened and get to the bottom of it for you.

“Having thoroughly looked into it, we’ve been unable to find where the batteries have come from. We’ve looked at the full production line, and all the equipment has been checked to make sure nothing is missing, the batteries are not recognised as anything used inside our factory.

“We’d like to reassure you that we haven’t had any other problems of this nature, so we therefore hope this puts your mind at rest that this is a one off issue. Our food is made in modern, purpose built factories with lots of safety features (in line with the rules and guidance issued for food safety) and we do everything possible to make sure this doesn’t happen.

“All our products are metal detected before being packed and we have put the metal item through the metal detector several times and it has been rejected on each occasion and the packaging report for the day concerned states that the metal detector was operating correctly during the production run.

“On this occasion we don’t fully understand how these items have come to be in your Fish Nuggets, but we want you to know we’re really sorry about the experience you had.

“We really appreciate your support in working with us to get to the bottom of the problem, and are really sorry our food wasn’t up to its usual standards. We’ve enclosed £10 Birds Eye vouchers which we hope goes some way towards making up for your experience.”


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