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Naga Munchetty jokes she’ll be ‘having words’ with co-host Ben after cheeky remark


Naga Munchetty was joined by Ben Thompson to present BBC Breakfast yesterday – with Charlie Stayt absent from his usual role. Towards the end of the three-hour show, Peter Andre joined them on a live video link from home to discuss his participation in the upcoming stage show Grease. The Mysterious Girl singer mentioned some of his suits feeling a little tighter than before and Naga waded in with her own experiences. After the interview, Ben made a cheeky remark about struggling to fit into clothes and Naga said she was going to “have a word” with him later on. 

During his interview, Peter said: “I put a suit on the other day for the first time and it was slightly snug! And I’ve realised this last year has been slightly different.” 

Naga replied: “Do you know what Peter there’s a phenomenon, don’t feel bad, all the clothes in the wardrobe, the posh clothes we don’t wear anymore, they all shrink. 

“It’s a new thing, it’s a scientific fact. I wouldn’t worry at all about clothes being snug, it’s just because they haven’t been worn, they’re just a little bit shy about gracing bodies again.” 

“The moths have been having a great old time the last year,” the singer added. 

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“That’s it, that’s it!” The presenter remarked. “They’ve been doing their own tailoring haven’t they?” 

Once the interview had wrapped up, Naga turned to Ben and asked: “Did you know that about the clothes shrinking over the year?” 

“It hadn’t happened to me,” Ben replied: “Speak for yourself.” 

“I wasn’t actually speaking for myself, but you and I will be having words about that comment after this,” the presenter commented. 


“Holly the dog had escape her owners, flying past the front runner in that last street over the race. Not a bad time either,” Ben explained. 

“10.5 seconds for the final 100m, she was already running before that!” Naga added. “So to put that into perspective that’s only one second behind Usain Bolt’s World Record.” 

“That poor runner at the front,” Ben said and Naga mentioned: “But she still won!” 

“But there must be a psychological thing of seeing someone totally take over,” Ben continued but Naga corrected: “It wasn’t someone it was a dog! Anyway, apart from those tiny details!” 

Elsewhere in the show, they were discussing whether landlines were going to be “disconnected for good” after a steady decline in use and sales. 

Ben was seen with a landline to his ear and a cartoon chatter noise played out. 

“Mum, I’ve got to go, I’m at work. I’m on the TV, okay, I’ll see you later,” Ben said and placed the phone down. 

“Everything alright there?” Naga asked jokingly and he replied: “All fine, normal calls to my mum.” 

BBC Breakfast airs every day at 6am on BBC One. 


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