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My neighbour complained my laundry on the washing line was ruining her view – she even wants to report me to the council


IT’S always a plus when you get on with your neighbours.

But unfortunately for one woman, who is from the UK, that wasn’t the case, as she soon learned a neighbour from hell had moved in next door.


An anonymous woman, from the UK, told how her new neighbour complained that the laundry on her washing line was “ruining her view.” Pictured, stock image[/caption]

Just like on any other sunny day, the woman told how she decided to hang her washing on the line so that it’d dry quicker.

While it had never been a problem before, the woman’s new neighbour took issue with it and claimed the laundry was “ruining her view.”

Taking to Mumsnet, the frustrated woman explained: “We have a new neighbour who has complained to me about my laundry hanging on the line ruining her view.

It’s just run of the mill laundry, no crutchless knickers or bondage gear, so not offensive.”



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At first I ignored her, but she later told me she had photographed it and would complain to council.”

The baffled woman went on to explain that she’s not the only neighbour the person has complained to.

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The neighbour from hell had also taken issue with someone’s whistling which she alleged was “piercing her ears” due to her sensitive hearing.

She also told another neighbour to keep his windows and doors closed whilst cooking because it “made her nauseous.”

The irritated woman continued: “It’s not just humans she intolerant of, if a bird is singing, she will start growling to scare it away.

” Before she moved here, we all just dodged along fine. Is there any law against hanging washing? I’m not tumble drying our family’s wash when not necessary.”

And the comments section was inundated with messages from social forum member who slammed the new neighbour’s ridiculous complaint.

“Assuming you’re not spelling ‘f*** off neighbour’ with your pants or something, then it’s perfectly acceptable to hang out your laundry on your washing line.

She won’t be taken seriously at all. By anyone,” wrote one.

A second commented: “No, there’s no law against hanging washing and the council won’t have any interest in following up a complaint about it.

“She sounds like a pain in the a***. Ignore. She won’t get anywhere with complaining about smells or whistling either.”

A third penned: “The council will laugh. Her email will be the subject of much humour, for weeks.”

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Meanwhile, a further added: “I would like to be a fly on the wall at your local council if she genuinely emails them to complain about someone hanging out washing in their own back garden.

“I imagine it would make a change from the boring complaints about street lights and bin collections.”

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