Home Tv & Show My mother-in-law keeps suggesting my son is gay because he’s still single

My mother-in-law keeps suggesting my son is gay because he’s still single


DEAR DEIDRE: MY mother-in-law implies that because my son is 34 and single it is a sign he must be gay.

He had his heart broken by his long-term girlfriend a year ago. He was about to propose but she confessed she was seeing another man behind his back and they split up.

My mother-in-law implies that because my son is single, he is gay

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He was devastated and it took him a while to recover. Now he is very wary.

The hurt has impacted on his confidence and otherwise trusting nature.

I am his 61-year-old mum. My son says he doesn’t care what his grandmother thinks.

He has already withdrawn from her company and has told me that when he does meet someone new he won’t introduce her.

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My mother-in-law is now making these suggestions to others and I am starting to feel very upset by it.

I don’t know how to get across to her that he has to take his time when choosing a wife and that getting married isn’t just a box-ticking exercise.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your mother-in-law is traditional and her views are old- fashioned.

She has spent your son’s life thinking of him and his future in a certain way and because it hasn’t materialised yet, she is making this assumption about him.

She is elderly and unlikely to change but pick a moment to talk to her and ask her to keep her views to herself, as they are upsetting and simply untrue.

If she continues, take a leaf out of your son’s book – keep your distance.

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