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'My marriage is at breaking point after husband found religion – our sex life is ruined'

A woman’s marriage has taken a dramatic turn after her husband rediscovered the religion of his childhood.

The 34-year-old found herself in a bind after her husband became devoted to Catholicism almost 11 years after their wedding. Although she identifies as pagan and insists religion itself isn’t the issue, the abrupt change has taken a toll on their bedroom antics.

“My husband has recently decided to go back to the Catholic Church after being away his entire adult life,” she shared in an anonymous Reddit post. “With his re-joining the church, it has triggered his OCD and he has become very scrupulous.

“Last night he dropped the bomb on me that he no longer believes that we can be sexually intimate unless it leads to penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex as a result.”

The unexpected news meant her husband was apparently no longer keen on foreplay – even though she had expressed this was important to her. She continued: “All of this comes directly after I told him I needed more intimacy that wasn’t sex, because he also suffers from premature ejaculation… I’m left frustrated and unfulfilled.”

The distressed wife said her spouse is showing no signs of compromise, putting their marriage on the brink of collapse – they are even considering divorce. “It’s going to destroy the lives of our children,” she added.

“I have tried telling him that it is completely unfair to impose his religious restrictions on me like this. He will not budge, because in his eyes, that is sinning….Help me Reddit.”

Users were divided over the predicament. One commenter advised: “Divorce will not ruin the lives of your children. Staying in a toxic marriage will.”

Another suggested: “You can try counselling (not through his church obviously). But if he won’t go, divorce seems like the only option – not only because of the sexual issues, but because you’re going to be too far apart on many issues.”

Another user commented: “Right, like, speaking as a former Catholic: he is ABSOLUTELY allowed to make you orgasm as long as he also gets that 15 seconds of PIV. He’s lying about what the Church teaches for his own problematic reasons.”


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