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My husband is a food snob but I still buy everything from Aldi – I put into jars of fancier brands and he has no idea


A WOMAN has revealed her husband is a “brand snob” so she sneakily fills jars of fancier brands with Aldi bargains. 

TikTok user Laura Lincoln Atkins uploaded a video of her pouring the supermarket’s budget alternatives into empty bottles of branded items.


TikTok user Laura Lincoln Atkins said her husband is a ‘food snob’ and doesn’t like cheap brands[/caption]


She showed how she fills branded jars with Aldi bargains[/caption]

She explained on her @lauraatkinson95 account: “When your husband is a brand snob.”

In the clip, she could be seen putting 49p Stonemill Oregano into the jar of Schwartz Oregano, which can be bought for £1.65 from Tesco.

On her kitchen counter were numerous herbs and spices jars, hinting that her purse-friendly deception was not limited to just the oregano.

Her video has racked up over 30,000 likes, and people praised her idea. 

One said: “Love it ! I do this and he will never know.”

Another added: “I do this all the time.”

A third raved: “Brilliant idea.”

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We shared how a food snob dog refuses to eat supermarket own-brand Wotsits – even when owner tries to fool him by mixing up the packets.


She showed how she refills all their ‘expensive’ jars with cheaper alternatives – and her husband has no idea[/caption]

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