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My house is a mess because my husband refuses to help clean it – I’m too stressed to deal with it but Dr. Phil shamed me


A FEUDING husband and wife appeared on Dr. Phil in an effort to sort out their issues.

They fought over their extremely messy home, but viewers think that Dr. Phil took the husband’s side and shamed the wife.

A wife and mother said she gets no help with the upkeep of her family’s home

Viewers believe Dr. Phil shamed her instead of trying to help the situation[/caption]

Christy and her husband, Earnest, seemed to be sinking in their literal and metaphorical mess when they appeared on Dr. Phil.

Per the show’s description, the couple’s house is about to be foreclosed, and Christy claimed earnest stopped paying their mortgage in a cruel attempt at revenge for not cleaning the house.

Meanwhile, Earnest said his wife is a hoarder who refuses to cook, clean, or do anything to help raise their children.

In a clip of the show posted to Dr. Phil’s social media page, the conversation seems to be focused on Christy’s supposed unwillingness to make their home presentable.

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Earnest slammed his wife for refusing to let anyone take the ornaments off the Christmas tree for months, which needs to be done before it’s packed away.

Later in the episode, clips of the couple’s house were revealed and there were belongings piled high off the ground.

Earnest also complained about junk being piled so high his daughter could not open the door to her bathroom.

Christy, in the meantime, feels like her husband “constantly belittles” her and compared her life to being a single mom.

“I have to do everything because Ernie doesn’t help with anything and I am so overwhelmed,” she claimed.

“The little bit that gets done I do,” she said.

“I’m living like a single mom, I have to do everything myself, and by the time I get home from work – I have hypothyroidism I suffer from fatigue issues – I’m exhausted.”

Dr. Phil then pulled up a screen of apparent reasons that Christy gave for not cleaning the house, which included her claiming to be a “Type B person,” chronically fatigued, “emotionally and physically drained,” and more.

Dr. Phil seemed to take a comical look at one of Christy’s reasons, which was that Einstein was a genius and didn’t pick up around his house.

Defending herself, Christy said the state of her home is a “direct representation of the stress and emotional abuse” she feels.

And while there appeared to be strong evidence against Christy, many viewers are claiming that she was purposely painted in a bad light.

“I’m wondering why Dr.Phil was just belittling her so much!?” one seemingly shocked viewer commented under the video.

“Is the husband incapable of helping around the home that he also lives in?

“Why does all the household duties always fall on the women?

“She clearly said she works as well so it’s not like she’s home all day.”

“Why is all the focus put on the woman like it’s her job alone to clean?

“This is the way my home would look if I stopped cleaning,” another person claimed.

A third user shared the same sentiment, writing: “Keeping a home clean is not the woman’s duty.

“A full-grown man lives there too. His wife is not his mother.”

Yet another unsatisfied viewer said the segment seemed “sexist,” while another slammed that it is no longer the “1950s.”

An additional commenter added that they think Christy might need professional counseling to help alleviate her stress.

And if the couple cannot afford to hire professional help to clean, as several others users suggested, they can turn to the myriad of cleaning tips and tricks offered online.

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Earnest claimed the Christmas tree has been up for months and Christy won’t let anyone take it down[/caption]


Earnest said his wife refuses to do anything, while Christy had the same to say about him[/caption]

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