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My boyfriend pays the rent on our house… and he has no idea I’m actually the landlord


A WOMAN divided the internet with a confession that some see and savvy and others see as shocking.

TikTok user Jaynee took to social media to reveal that her partner pays the bills and rent at their shared home but has no idea she’s his landlord.


Jaynee uploaded a video of herself explaining about her living situation[/caption]


The TikToker said that her partner covers the rent and bills in their flat[/caption]

In the short TikTok video the woman can be seen sitting in her car explaining the living situation.

She said: “So me and my man have been living at this place for a year now.

“He pays the rent and all the major bills.

“Little does he know I’m the landlord and owned this place for five years now.

“So his direct deposits are going straight to me.”

The TikTok has been viewed 1.4 million times but people are torn with their responses.

One said: “That’s so wrong. Shows you’re just using him. Poor guy.”

While another wrote: “It’s the fact that he has never met his landlord for me. Deceitful, maybe. But off the top he has to pay rent anyway so low key it’s a fair trade.”

And a third commented: “If you have to scheme like this to be with your man, you’re sad.”

But now all the feedback was negative, with some loving the idea.

One person said: “Sis you cracked the code we didn’t know we needed, bow down to you.”


She then explained that she’s secretly the landlord – collecting rent from her boyfriend[/caption]


Fellow TikTokers were divided over the controversial secret[/caption]

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