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Must-have pet products on Amazon, according to passionate reviewers

The best pet products on Amazon right now

If you’re a dog or cat owner, every day is pet day at your house. Our furry, four-legged friends are truly members of the family, and as such, they deserve the best of the best — whether that’s a toy to play with, a comfortable bed to sleep in or a product that keeps them fit, clean and healthy.

When it comes to must-have pet products, Amazon is a go-to. It has everything from durable toys and products for anxiety relief to the most efficient pet stain cleaners. Here are the best ones according to the most passionate reviewers on Amazon.

Best pet products on Amazon

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

Ideal for both cat and dog hair, this pet hair remover can be reused over and over — no sticky single-use tape roller necessary. As you roll, the nylon creates an electrostatic charge. Once you’re done, open the compartment to remove the hair, completely mess-free.

Dr Catch Dog Puzzle Toy for IQ Training and Mental Health Enrichment

This interactive puzzle stimulates dogs’ minds, challenging them to learn and act quickly to obtain their reward. It helps quick eaters slow down and promotes positive play in high-energy pups that get destructive when bored.

Yaheetech 54-inch Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratching Post

Available in 54-, 61- and 70-inch sizes, this multi-level cat tree has posts wrapped with natural sisal rope that promote positive habits for scratching and sharpening claws. It also contains two hideaway houses, two hanging fur balls for interactive play, and three perches on top of the platform for climbing and lounging.

K&H Pet Products Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

For hot summers spent by the pool, outdoors or camping, this elevated cooling bed provides dogs a safe, cool space to relax. It keeps them off the wet or cold ground and features slip-resistant rubber feet and a breathable mesh center for maximizing airflow. It’s also collapsible, so it can easily be taken on the go.

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator

This professional-strength stain and odor eliminator is certified safe for all carpets by the Carpet and Rug Institute, but can be used on other surfaces as well. It removes stains and stink from pet urine, feces, vomit and more, thanks to its enzyme-activated formula that cuts through ammonia and organic matter.

Merial Oravet Dental Hygiene Chew For Dogs

Made for all life stages, this stick-form chew promotes cleaner teeth by reducing plaque, fighting off the bacteria that cause bad breath, and preventing gingivitis. The chewy texture gets dogs working hard to break it down, so as they chew, it helps dislodge plaque from their teeth. Dogs love it because it tastes like chicken.

Inaba Churu Cat Treats

Either a cat treat or food topper, this squeezable puree is full of vitamin E and taurine, making for a healthy, guilt-free snack that can be served on its own or atop a meal. Made with wild-caught tuna or farm-raised chicken, the creamy texture gets cats’ attention and only contains 6 calories. One tube contains 91% moisture, and one order contains 50 tubes.

Bodhi Dog Shampoo Brush

To be used either wet or dry, this pet shampoo brush works for bathing all pets, regardless of species. Its rubber bristles act like a calming massaging agent against pets’ skin and fur while combing out dirt and loose hair.

Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

Part toy, part anxiety solution, the Snuggle Puppy reduces negative behaviors like barking and whining through its battery-operated “real-feel” heartbeat that both vibrates and warms.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All-in-One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

This lets you vacuum and wash floors at the same time. It includes a tangle-free brush roll, pet hair strainer and a multi-surface formula outfitted with Febreeze. Two tanks keep the clean solution separate from the dirty water, so you never have to worry about cleaning with already-contaminated water. The two tanks also make it easier to clean the vacuum once you’re finished with the floors.

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