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Mum's heartbreak as 'amazing little boy' killed by falling mirror in shop


Natasha Ingham said she is “lost” five-year-old son Freddie who suffered a serious head injury in the accident in the Fenwick department store in Colchester, Essex. A mirror fell on the youngster in the shop and, though he was dashed to hospital, he passed away days later.

Paying tribute to her son, 37-year-old Natasha said: “Freddie was such an amazing little boy. He was happy every day – always smiling and making me laugh. Freddie had so much love to give and he showed me this every day.

“We would both tell each other how much we loved each other, and then have a little kiss.

“Freddie would pick me daisies most days or whatever he could find, and give it to me. His love is endless and I am so lost without him now he is not here.”

Freddie’s funeral took place at Colchester Crematorium today, Essex Live reports.

Speaking at the ceremony, heartbroken Natasha added: “I miss him so much; Freddie – you will always be with me wherever I go. Mummy and Freddie always went to the shops together because you always wanted to be with me.

“Freddie was such a clever boy especially at school with his maths. He was doing so well at school.

“I know I gave Freddie the best life he could ever have asked for. Freddie’s comfort was my hair and even when he sat next to me, he would hold onto my hair and twiddle it round my fingers. I will miss that so much.

“I could say so much more about Freddie, the speech would go on forever.

“Forever and always in my heart. Freddie will be missed but never forgotten and I will hold in my heart that beautiful smile of yours.”

The Fenwick store closed for a day as a “mark of respect”, while the director has passed on their “thoughts and prayers” to the child’s family and friends following the tragedy.

Freddie leaves behind two siblings; a brother called Jack and his sister, Sophie.

And Sophie wrote a poignant poem named “My Beloved Brother”.

It reads: “I am very lost for words; Fred Bear was my wingman, my superhero, best friend. We did everything together and was hardly ever apart.

“Seeing him every day with a beautiful smile on his face made me so happy.

“Love you Fred Bear. Goweee”.

Speaking previously, the boy’s father Andrew Farrow said he will miss the “happiness” his son brought to those who knew him.

He said: “I am grateful for the time we had with Freddie.

“Every day he was loved and cherished and brought so much happiness to everyone who knew him. Freddie, his brother and sister were inseparable and I know for sure he will be watching over them.

“Freddie was an expert Lego builder, confident swimmer, enjoyed crabbing and park running.

“He had such a contagious laugh and always pulled funny faces. I will miss you Fredboy, so, so much… and until we meet again, I love you.”

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