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Mum's genius sunscreen hack uses makeup tool to keep kids safe in the sun

A savvy mum has uncovered a remarkable trick to tackle the classic summer struggle of applying sunscreen to eager youngsters.

Frustrated with the near-impossible task of slathering sunscreen on her frisky tot before he succumbs to the allure of the sunny outdoors, a Hawaiian mum has discovered an extraordinarily hassle-free method to make the whole ordeal remarkably simpler for herself and her little one.

In an intriguing video snippet, Ru Amine discloses the “best mom hack for applying sunscreen”. She liberally squirts lotion onto a broad makeup brush, sporting a fitting mermaid tail handle for the sunshine, as her child joyfully frolics on a towel in front of a pool.

Securely holding her son’s tiny foot, she manages to cover his entire leg with sunscreen using just three fluent strokes of the brush.

Swiftly, her little one is thoroughly smothered in a uniform layer of sunscreen, as Ru recommends: “Use a makeup brush to make the application fast and easy.”

The exceptional advice has already amassed more than 100,000 views on TikTok alone, where Ru’s chronicles of maternity have earned her an impressive following.

The NHS cautions that while infants and children are not specifically more susceptible to sunburn due to their tender and sensitive skin, the resultant damage could potentially have more severe effects.

It suggests avoiding direct sunlight for children aged six months or under, while emphatically stressing the necessity for parents to adhere to additional safety measures between March and October.

These precautions include dressing children in appropriate clothing, seeking shade during the peak heat of the day, and applying a sunscreen of at least SPF30 on all exposed areas such as the face, ears, feet and backs of hands.

Kids Health advises that if your child does get sunburnt, they should take a cool (not cold) shower or bath shortly afterwards. This can be followed by a cool compress to soothe the burn when needed.

The health site also encourages parents to ensure their children drink extra fluids for two or three days following a sunburn while their skin heals.

It also suggests using moisturising creams or aloe gel to provide some comfort and relief during this period.


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