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Mum’s fury after ‘degrading’ school demands daughter, 14, shows ‘doctor’s note’ to go to the toilet during lessons


A MUM has told of her fury after her daughter’s school demanded she show a “doctor’s note” to go to the toilet during lessons.

Her 14-year-old daughter, who is in year 10 at Bulwell Academy, Nottingham, was warned about going to the loo outside of break times.


Bullwell Academy in Nottingham is accused of asking kids for doctor’s notes if they need the toilet during lessons[/caption]

The teen’s mum, who asked not to be named, said she was shocked when she was told her daughter – who suffers from heavy periods – would need a “dispensation pass” to go to the loo during lesson times.

“It’s like a military academy,” she told Nottingham Live.

“It’s no wonder why these children are suffering mentally; mental health-wise it’s wrong. It’s absolutely ridiculous.


“I am angry, I am so angry parents are having to do this.”

The 56-year-old from Nottingham added that the policy was “degrading” and “humiliating for the girls”.

She said she managed to get a note from her daughter’s doctor and was given a dispensation pass by the academy as a result.

But she claims the school continued to warn the teen about using the toilet.

She said: “That is when I said ‘you have had the letter, you are still giving her warnings for using the toilet – even though I informed you she is on her period’.”

The mum, who said the dispensation passes had been in place for students at the academy with a medical condition, claimed there had been recent changes which apply for girls on their period.

And she later got a second letter from the doctor.

Another mum said she had to pay £30 for a letter from a doctor so her daughter – who is also 14 and in Year 10 at the academy – can have a pass to go to the loo in lesson time when on her period.

Christine Rae, 52, said: “I paid £30 for the GP letter, I have got the receipt and that as well.

It’s like an army in the school, an army camp.

Christine RaeMum

“I do not like the way they do it with the kids, it’s not right, it’s not fair – I am annoyed actually.”

She added: “It’s like an army in the school, an army camp.”

Councillor Ethan Radford, who represents Bulwell on Nottingham City Council for Labour, called for a rethink of the academy’s policy.

He said: “I suppose really to expect a child to sit in a classroom for a given period of time whilst they need the toilet, and expect them to concentrate and be able to engage with the lesson, is just unrealistic.

“Especially considering the school are asking parents to provide doctors’ notes in order to allow them to go to the toilet during lesson, for which many families have to pay for the doctors’ notes.

“I would hope the school would reconsider this policy and be a bit more understanding of the needs of their students, if that also includes [when pupils] need to go to the toilet.”

The academy was approached for a comment.

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