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Mum wins £180k after estate agent refused to let her work part time


Alice Thompson wanted to work for four days a week and finish at 5pm rather than 6pm, when the childcare firm shut. But director Paul Sellar rejected her request ‑ claiming the business could not afford for her to go part time.

Sales manager Ms Thompson resigned and took London-based Manors’ trading company Scancrown Ltd to an employment tribunal, claiming sex discrimination ‑ in a bid to ensure her daughter does not have “the same experience” when she is older.

Ms Thompson, of Weybridge, Surrey, began working for Manors, in Marylebone, in 2016 for £120,000 a year. But her relationship with Mr Sellar deteriorated when she told him she was pregnant in 2018.

After giving birth, Ms Thompson asked for flexible working for childcare. But Mr Sellar denied it for multiple reasons including “additional costs”.

Employment Judge Sarah Jane Goodman and her panel agreed Ms Thompson was discriminated against “because of her sex”. 

They awarded her £184,961.32 for loss of earnings, pension contributions, injury to feelings and interest.

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