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Mum told to remove wreath from front door or face £30 fine blasts 'rude' decision


Harriet Myers, 38, from Somerset, is being threatened with a “removal charge” after her housing firm claimed the wreath was an obstruction and broke “clear corridor rules”.

Selwood Housing removed the wreath after Harriet’s daughter Alisha Rogers put it up.

Now, Alisha has slammed the housing firm saying it’s “rude and unnecessary”.

The 19-year-old said she came home and the wreath had been removed and put on the floor.

She claimed: “Nobody has said anything, nobody has knocked on the door and politely asked us to remove it.

“They’ve just come up when I was out, pulled the wreath down and then threatened a fine.

“Where’s the Christmas spirit? We’re not causing anybody any harm.”

Harriet now says she is “reluctant” to put it back up because she doesn’t want to pay the fine.

She said: “The wreath was a lovely part of our flat’s Christmas decorations and but now we’ve been let down by Selwood.”

A Selwood Housing spokesman said Christmas decorations “could add fuel to a fire” and are “a potential trip hazard”.

They said: “To keep our customers safe, we have a clear corridor policy in all apartment blocks.

“This is to protect the safety of all residents and visitors in the event of a fire or other emergency.

“We want our customers to enjoy Christmas and there are no limits on decorations inside customers’ homes; however items in communal areas pose a risk in the event of a fire and as a landlord, safety is our top priority.

“Our clear corridor policy covers large items like prams, as well as Christmas decorations, to ensure exits are clear if needed and that there are no combustible items on these exit routes.

“If any items are left in communal areas, the owner is asked to remove it within a week. Only if the request is ignored would we charge for removal.”

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