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Mum says baby name choice feels 'stupid' – but people say she's being 'practical'

Choosing a baby name can be an overwhelming task.

The list of potential names seems infinite and the perfect choice for your upcoming arrival could consume your whole pregnancy. Whether you’re after something unique or prefer a classic name, it’s certainly not as simple as randomly selecting one.

One mum-to-be has even confessed that coming up with a name for her daughter has left her feeling “stupid”. She’s decided her child’s name has to begin with the letter ‘M’, but the more thought she gives it, the less certain she is.

In a Reddit post, the expectant mother revealed she possesses family jewellery pieces monogrammed with the letter ‘M’. As her own name doesn’t begin with ‘M’, they’ve remained unused.

Thus, to ensure the familial jewellery continues its legacy, she wants to give her daughter an ‘M’ name. But she’s worried this decision to base her daughter’s name on inherited bling might seem “stupid”, hence she sought advice via social media.

She penned: “Is giving our daughter an M name because she is set to inherit family jewellery pieces with the monogram M stupid? Please be brutally honest!

“My due date is next week, and she will be our first and our last. Neither of us has M as an initial, and our surname starts with S.

“I have family jewellery pieces with the monogram M that never felt mine because I don’t have M as any of my initials. I want things to be different for my daughter.”

“We have always wanted to call her Mia but give her a more formal legal name, initially we leaned towards Amelia, then we started looking for other names that could have Mia as a nickname and most of them were M names, so we focused on M names. Does this feel stupid to you? ” pondered the mum.

She disclosed that she and her husband are considering names such as Marina, Matilde, and Miriam, and invited commenters to share better suggestions.

The mother was reassured by comments on the post, who told her she wasn’t being “stupid” at all, with some commendations for her “practical planning”.

One person responded: “This is exactly the type of practical planning I admire. My mum jokes that her best decision was marrying my dad because he had the same last initial as her first husband, so she didn’t have to change her monograms.”

A different commenter chimed in: “It would only be weird if you guys didn’t like M names but used one anyways just for the monogram.

“Choosing a name you love and gravitating towards M names because of the monogrammed jewellery is perfectly reasonable. Marina and Miriam are two of my favourite names!”


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