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Mum-of-five arrested and handed £450 fine after failing to return library book

A mother has had a “bonkers” arrest warrant issued in her name after allegedly failing to return two art books to her local library.

Kaylee Morgan has been warned she could face jail time after her country accused her of never bringing back £47 ($60) worth of books taken out of Navasota Public Library in Grimes County in March 2023.

Morgan has repeatedly insisted she did, in fact, return the Vincent Van Gogh books but one could not fit into the returns box.

The mom-of-five only learned about the warrant when the DMV refused to renew her driver’s license because of the active arrest warrant.

In a video posted on Facebook, she explained: “So I go in and the DMV tells me that they cannot renew my license because I have a warrant out for my arrest, and I audibly laugh.

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“And I’m shocked because I haven’t been pulled over, haven’t got any tickets. It just doesn’t make sense. I mostly stay home. I homeschool my kids, so it just didn’t compute, what she was saying.”

The Texas resident immediately contacted the local court to learn more about the alleged warrant – and was told she now faced jail time because of two unreturned library book.

Morgan scheduled a meeting with the judge and explained that she had been experiencing issues with her latest pregnancy when the books were due and that one of the items didn’t fit the allotted box.

She continued: “I’m explaining that we returned the books. There was one that was too big to fit into the return box. And when we did return it, the system was down, but I definitely returned it.

“And that, max, was two weeks late. Maybe more than that, but I was pregnant and having some complications, and I was on bed rest.”

But rather than sympathy over the misunderstanding, the mom-of-five was hit with a slapdown from the judge, who insisted she needed to “take responsibility.”

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The woman added: “She told me she didn’t want to hear my excuses, that I needed to take responsibility.

“She said, what I have done by not returning the library books is the same as stealing from Walmart. So on my record, it says that I have stolen government property. Bonkers, right? Just bonkers.”

The judge also warned her the warrant would remain active until she proceeded to pay the nearly $600 fee – and that her license would not be renewed either, threatening her with arrest if she were to be caught driving.

Morgan said: “She said, make no mistake that if you’re driving in Grimes County with or without your kids, and you get pulled over, we will arrest you. So they will arrest me in front of my kids… I don’t know what I’m going to do about this.”

However, the woman argued she had never been served the warrant despite the judge claiming someone had signed it but refused to disclose any details.

The Texas mom has raised over $1,300 after launching a GoFundMe to cover the fine and court costs but said she would be hiring a lawyer to ensure her record is expunged.


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