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Mrs Hinch reveals exact method to getting her bathroom sparkling using eBay SOCKS & powder toilet cleaner


MRS Hinch has revealed her exact method to a sparkling bathroom, including the products she swears by.

The cleanfluencer has been quiet on Instagram of late, since welcoming her second baby in May.

Mrs Hinch/Instagram

Mrs Hinch has revealed her exact process for cleaning her bathroom[/caption]


She cleanfluencer said she was ‘so pleased’ with the finished job[/caption]

But she shared some new tips on her stories yesterday, including her surprising use for eBay SOCKS.

Explaining her process, Sophie Hinchliffe, 31, said: “Yes I’m aware my shower tray is grimey but… sh*t happens”.

She also listed her shower cleaning essentials – eBay silicone socks (£4.04 – buy here), which she wears to protect her feet.

She also used her beloved Pink Stuff (£1, Wilko – buy here) and Scrub Daddy (£5.99, Amazon – buy here).

She said: “I use a cream/paste cleaner for stained/marked shower trays with a non scratch sponge like a scrub daddy! It lifts the lot!”

After scrubbing, she rinses the paste away with the shower head and puts Zoflora Springtime concentrated disinfectant (£3.99, Savers – buy here) down the drain.

She then used Unibond (£6, Amazon – buy here) to re-grout any tiles which need a lift, describing the job as “so satisfying”.

Finally, Mrs Hinch used Dr Beckmann’s power-foaming toilet cleaner (£3, Poundshop – buy here).

She said: “Last but not least the toilet. I love the @drbeckmann powders. “


She wears eBay silicone socks to clean the shower[/caption]


Mrs Hinch admitted her shower tray was ‘grimey’[/caption]


She used the Pink Stuff and a Scrub Daddy sponge to ‘lift away’ the grease[/caption]


She then puts Zoflora down the drain[/caption]

Mrs Hinch simply threw a packet of Dr Beckmann down the loo, before scrubbing with a toilet brush, which makes it all fizz up.

Showing off the finished job, she raved: “I’m so pleased the ensuite is done! I planned on doing the bathroom too but this has taken me so long”.

Mrs Hinch recently revealed her £3.75 hack to make sure your tumble dryer filter is ALWAYS clean.


Dr Beckmann’s foaming toilet cleaner is her favourite[/caption]


She uses the toilet brush to get it to foam up[/caption]

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