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Mrs Hinch fan's baby oil cleaning hack to remove grime from hobs: 'An amazing all rounder'


Mrs Hinch – also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe – regularly shares her cleaning hacks online with her four million Instagram followers. As the sensation continues to inspire people to clean their homes, her fans have also set up their own dedicated cleaning pages to help others tackle their homes.

It must also be wiped back over with a microfibre cloth or kitchen towel to remove any excess oil.

What’s more, baby oil can be picked up cheaply and the bottle will also last ages. 

Another person said: “I recommend using Cif stainless steel cleaner, I got it in Asda and I applied it with a damp cloth and then wiped it dry.”

Cif said: “This specialist cleaning spray has been scientifically designed to remove stubborn dirt like fingerprints, watermarks and grease for a 100 percent streak-free shine on the stainless steel surfaces around your home.”

She started first by removing her flowers that she tends to keep on the top of her oven for decoration.

She then used one of her all time favourite products, Cif Cream with Micro Crystals, in the original scent.

The product can be picked up for as little as £1 from shops like B&M and Home Bargains.

Mrs Hinch poured the product onto her hob and then left the product to sit for a few minutes before coming back in her rubber gloves.

The Cif Cream with Micro Crystals claims to remove 100 percent of dirt to reveal dirt and grime free surfaces.

The cleanser is also less harmful to the environment as the Microparticles that the cleaning product contains, are sourced from naturally occurring minerals that are not linked to the plastic microbes that hair the potential to contribute to micro plastic marine litter.

This cream cleaner is used for a deeper clean of the hob, other versions are available for a lighter clean.


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