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Mrs Hinch fan shares how to transform an old leather sofa with £2 cleaning product


If cared for properly, durable leather can last for many years and with the high price tag that comes with leather sofas, cleaning them regularly can help to maintain them. Cleaning leather is quite simple although different coloured leather requires different cleaning methods.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one fan asked for advice when it came to removing marks from her dark brown leather sofa.

She said: “I have a leather sofa, only over a year and these marks have started to appear on the top cushion and I have no clue what they are or what caused them.

“I use the leather cleaner that came with the sofa and it gets rid of it for a few days but it always comes back.

“I’ve tried another leather spray, same problem. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.”

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The cleaning product helps prolong leather life as well as helping to clean, restore and protect it.

It is sold at many retailers including Asda where it costs just £2 for a bottle that will last a long time according to Mrs Hinch fans.

The leather cleaner is used by adding it to a clean soft cloth and applying a thin coat to a small area at a time.

Then, rub and spread gently using a circular motion over the sofa before leaving it for a few minutes.

She said: “I’ve had mine since 2012 and from day one I’ve used baby wipes and I have had no problems, good luck!”

Another fan commented on the post also recommending baby wipes although suggested biodegradable ones. 

Fabric sofas can also be tricky to clean and can be breeding grounds for bacteria. 

Mrs Hinch herself previously shared that she uses Febreze on her sofa but the antibacterial version that not only kills bacteria but also helps to eliminate odours.

She said: “Did you know bacteria lives on your soft furnishings and actually lasts longer there than on hard surfaces?

“So now we can antibac our sofas, cushions, carpets, even jackets and clothes!”

The cleaning product costs just £2 in supermarkets and it doesn’t leave any marks on upholstery.


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