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Mrs Hinch fan shares best patio cleaning product to remove dirt – ‘it’s like magic’


Mrs Hinch fans regularly share their own cleaning finds on social media. Sharing to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one fan explained the best way to clean a patio, just in time for spring.

The after snap pictured clean and dirt-free tiles which were a lot lighter in colour.

Patio Magic is a concentrated disinfectant for the easy treatment and removal of green mould and algae on hard surfaces.

It typically kills green mould and algae within two to four days and helps to gently clean the treated surfaces in the following weeks and months. 

It can be picked up online as well as in stores like Homebase and Wickes, although it does come with a price tag of around £9.

The fan replied explaining: “It’s got no bleach or acids but it says to keep pets off for five to six hours after applying.”

As well as sprucing up the patio, outdoor furniture also needs to be cleaned each year to keep it looking its best.

Taking to the same Facebook page, one fan asked for some advice when it came to cleaning outdoor furniture like a table and chairs.

The woman asked: “How do people wash and dry their outdoor furniture and parasols please? Looking for advice.”

People rushed to the comments sharing their methods of cleaning outdoor tables.

One person said: “Put each cushion one by one in the wash and then hang dry.

“For the parasol, I jet wash it using fairy liquid on a mop.

“Then put fairy liquid on top of the table but be gentle to ensure it doesn’t scratch and then jet wash it off.”


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