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Mrs Hinch fan shares baking soda cleaning hack to remove streaks from tiled floor


Mrs Hinch – also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe – rose to fame after she started to share cleaning tips and tricks on social media. The cleaning sensation now has more than four million Instagram followers and continues to share her hacks. Fans of the guru have also turned to their own online forums to share their own finds. 

It’s more commonly known as bicarbonate of soda in the UK, and baking soda in the US.

Baking soda causes dirt and grease to dissolve in water and it can be used on numerous worktops and floors around the home.

The substance forms a mildly abrasive scouring powder, although is not antibacterial on its own.

Another fan commented: “I also recommend using baking soda although I run over it using a bit of distilled water after to get it back shiny.”

“You could also try going over it after with a rung out mop to help prevent the streaks.”

Sharing on the same Facebook page, one Mrs Hinch fan asked how to remove streaks from her shower screen.

The fan asked: “What does everyone use to clean their shower screens?

“No matter what I use, it’s making it streaky and making it look all fogged up. I don’t know what to use anymore.”

One person suggested using Viakal while another suggested using The Pink Stuff paste.

Viakal is a cleaning spray which is ideal for removing even the toughest of limescale, soap scum and water marks from your taps and showers. 

The spray can be picked up for as little as £1 in  most supermarkets as well as B&M.

Viakal is also antibacterial so it will also help to eliminate bacteria.


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