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Motorists risk £70 fine for parking on the pavement outside their home


Pavement parking laws are currently being considered to be enacted in the coming weeks as part of a scheme to make roads and pavements safer for all. The system is currently under review by the Department of Transport following a consultation into people’s views on the issue. 

It is said that the department is “actively considering” a ban in England.

Currently, pavement parking is only banned in London, but not in the rest of England and Wales.

Drivers face a hefty £70 fine for parking on a pavement in London, although discounts can be issued if they are paid within 14 days.

A similar charge would be levied onto drivers across the rest of England, if the pavement parking rules are adopted.

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A spokesperson for LeaseCar.uk said: “At the moment, there is a significant grey area when it comes to parking on pavements.

“Although people are advised to keep the pavements clear for pedestrians, there are many places in the UK where roads are so narrow that you have no other option but to park your car on the pavement.

“Until new laws come into force, we have some guidance for the drivers who want to prevent being penalised for illegal parking.”

It is believed that parking on grass verges and ramps linking private property to roads will also be prohibited.

Mark Tongue, Director of Select Car Leasing, said: “The guidelines are currently quite confusing for motorists.

“A pavement parking ban is 100 percent needed nationwide – anything that puts pedestrians at an increased risk requires action.

“However, the information given so far is slightly confusing for drivers.

“At the moment, there’s no clear guidelines for those who park on the pavement due to having no room on their own drive. 

“Most households have more than one car, so it will be interesting to see where motorists are expected to park if not on the pavement outside their homes.

“Clear guidance is required for drivers so they know the correct location to park in order to avoid a fine.”

When parking on the pavement is permitted, then it will be clearly shown on a blue and white sign with a graphic of a car on the pavement, either fully or partially.

If a driver sees this sign, it means they are safe to park on the pavement in that particular area.

According to Manchester Evening News, they need to make sure they position their car in the way that is shown on the sign.

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