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MOT test changes: New headlight rules could see classic car owners issued an instant fail


An update to the MOT inspection manual now means classic car owners who have had LED bulbs fitted to their vehicles will fail their test. The new clarification will apply to modern classic vehicles and those who still opt to get their car checked despite already being exempt as a historic vehicle.

“Many customers are still reporting passes since the change was made though.

“We will not guarantee a pass though as the pass is at the discretion of the examiner.

“Other fittings such as sidelights, brake lights and indicators may be OK for MOT purposes but again this is at the discretion of the examiner and this does not make them road legal.

“A number of clubs we work with on regular basis have contacted their local MOT stations and have been advised that LED upgrades are fine in their view as long as the tests results are satisfactory.

Nick Rawlinson, owner of Barnack Test Centre has urged reverse to secure halogen headlamps instead of doing LED conversions.

Speaking to Classic Car Weekly, he said halogen bulbs were available for “most classics” and was better than adding an “unregulated” light to their cars.

Previous data from the RAC has revealed lighting and signalling issues were the most common reasons drivers failed their MOT tests. 

Express.co.uk has contacted the DVSA for further comment.


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