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Mortgage amounts increasing as 'high-risk areas expanding' – UK areas most at risk


Climate change concerns are leading to mortgage amounts increasing, according to research from online estate agents Emoov. Their findings suggest rising sea levels and increased rainfall are causing higher deposit rates in ‘high-risk’ areas.

Using National Trust, BBC and Climate Central data, the research has revealed the cities most at risk of climate change and increased premiums.

Worryingly for many homeowners and hopeful first-time buyers alike, Brighton, Belfast, Cardiff and London are some of the cities found to be in “jeopardy”.

According to the findings, factors such as high winds and flooding are contributing to insurance companies upping their premiums, and cautious mortgage lenders revising their loan to value amounts.

High-risk areas in particular are seeing rates climb the quickest.

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As well as changes to loan to value amounts, Emoov is warning it could also impact the likelihood of getting a mortgage on the properties altogether.

Naveen Jaspal, COO of Emoov said: “Climate change largely affects home insurance and mortgage lending.

“With the increased likelihood of flooding or high winds, insurance companies have to increase their premiums on properties within high risk flood areas.

“In turn, these higher premiums will decrease the likelihood of getting a mortgage on these properties.


“Properties that are likely to become damaged will cause major uncertainty for mortgage lenders.

“The knock on effect will be much higher deposits and lower loan-to-value ratios in these areas, this is a problem, as due to climate change, we are seeing these high-risk areas expanding.”

Emoov has published a full list of cities at risk of climate change and higher deposits.

The cities were scored on eight different factors.

Under this analysis, the cities can score a maximum of one point for each category, giving a maximum climate risk factor of eight.

Brighton, England, topped the list as the city most at risk from climate change impact, with the coastal city facing concerns such as rainfall and rising sea levels.

In second place are both Cardiff, Wales, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Exeter came in third place, tied with London.


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