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'More confidence’: Electric vehicle popularity rising as owners could save £351 per year


In 2020, the UK’s leading breakdown provider attended around 13,000 electric vehicle breakdowns, of which just under four percent were for vehicles running out of charge. This figure has halved in the last few years.

However, only one percent of 14,500 drivers polled could correctly estimate the infrequency of this issue.

The average guess was two thirds (65 percent) of all EV breakdowns due to the main driving battery running out.

The top two breakdowns for combustion engine vehicles are the same, with tyres and the smaller 12-volt battery being the main cause of the faults.

Drivers were also asked what they believed to be the average distance an EV could travel on a single charge, with a quarter correctly identifying a range of up to 200 miles.

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“The reality is far better than drivers think, with very few EVs failing to reach a chargepoint.

“As more charge points, especially rapid chargers, are installed across the country the number of cars failing to reach one will further reduce, providing more confidence to drivers to help them make the switch.”

This comes as 39 percent of drivers say they would switch from fossil fuel powered vehicles to an EV.

Love my EV has found that EV owners could save £351 a year on their energy bills by switching to an EV-friendly tariff.

This could amount to total savings for all EV owners of £92million per year.

Almost one fifth of EV drivers surveyed were unaware of EV-friendly traffic, and of those who did, the majority had not signed up to one.

A third of EV drivers haven’t changed energy provider or tariff since purchasing their vehicle, which could see them paying far more than they need to for their power.

Mat Thomson, co-founder of Love my EV, comments: “Electric Vehicles can not only benefit the environment, they can also save people huge sums; but drivers need to shop around for the best deals.

“There are more and more dedicated EV energy tariffs available, as energy suppliers compete for drivers making the transition away from polluting petrol and diesel engines.

“Getting yourself on a specialist EV electricity tariff is not only one of the greenest things you can do, but it will also save you on average £351 a year.

“With differing prices of energy through the day, the best energy tariff for an EV household depends on the consumer’s car use and home energy use patterns.”

More EVs were registered than diesel cars for the second month in a row in July in 2021, according to industry figures, with one in 10 cars sold in the UK now battery powered.  

With more EVs on the road than ever, there is an urgent need for increased uptake of EV specific tariffs that save consumers money and support the use of greener energy.

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